Do Raccoons Attack Pets?

Raccoons are those animals which have been known to create a mess in the house and destroy properties of many humans. They do so to find the food, and this is the only reason that they invade human accommodations. They are omnivorous animals and can feed on anything available to them be it the green vegetables or the flesh of animals. 

They love devouring upon the garbage cans because it is an amalgam of all kinds of food items be it the rotten vegetables, the fruits or the bones of animals which have been discarded. Therefore, it is an ideal place for raccoons to enjoy their meal because it provides them with everything that they love eating. 

Where do they hide in the house?

These animals are usually found in the regular places in the house. They prefer staying in these places because female raccoon always seeks the most comfortable place to start the breeding process. Raccoons usually come out of their hideouts during the night because they find it the most peaceful and undisrupted time to enjoy their meal. They are found in the attic and chimneys which are the least visited places, and usually many of us dont prefer visiting attic unless we need to find discarded stuff that could be of some help. 

Do they attack pets?

When raccoons do not have food source available to them, they decide to prey on animals which are weaker than them such as kittens and puppies. Although, they find it difficult to catch grown-up cats they successfully prey on kittens. Raccoons and other animals usually prey those animals which they deem weaker, and they can easily catch them without much struggle. 

Therefore, if you have a female cat at your house and she is about to give birth to several kittens, make sure that you take proper care of them and do not let them wander about in your garden or the attic. Because as soon as hungry raccoon finds the kitten, it will attack and you may lose a kitten. Therefore, keep an eye on the kittens and take proper measures to remove raccoons from the house. It is better to keep cats and other pets indoors at night to avoid being attacked by raccoons. 

Take care of your parrots too!

Take good care of your parrots as raccoons will make several attempts to find their fresh food. Raccoons are quite intelligent when it comes to attacking animals because they take advantage of their strong reflexes. 

Are raccoons attacked too?

It is also possible that dogs can attack raccoons and usually wild dogs do so because they do not have a proper food source available to them. Cats usually dont attack raccoons as their prey.

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